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Every new service you sign up for online requires a password or PIN, and staying on top of the burgeoning list of login details often leads to laziness. But recent security breaches of sites like LinkedIn have once again highlighted the importance of developing a good password strategy, even if the idea sounds

Government should mandate a return path for Internet access in the tender it will issue soon for the digital television set-top boxes it will subsidise for millions of poorer South Africans as the country moves in the next few years from analogue to digital broadcasting technology, says an industry lobby group

It’s no secret that despite having the longest-standing mobile networks on the continent, SA still has some of the highest mobile call rates in Africa. This week, Cell C went some way to correcting that when it announced it was cutting prepaid rates, and hinted

Research in Motion (RIM), maker of BlackBerry smartphones, this week unveiled, at least in early beta, its long anticipated and repeatedly delayed BlackBerry 10 operating system. The Canadian company hopes the redesigned OS will help arrest the decline in BlackBerry’s popularity

With the abundance of cables landing on SA’s shores, you could be forgiven for thinking it’s one the most connected countries in the world. In a sense, it soon will be: there’s no shortage of international capacity on the way. What’s lacking is widespread local access to take advantage of it. The problem isn’t without solutions, but

Anecdotal evidence suggests there’s been huge growth in the SA technology start-up space in the past year, most of it coming from the Western Cape. It appears the stars are aligning for local tech entrepreneurs: bandwidth is getting cheaper, investor numbers are growing and SA is being seen as an important entry point into Africa

So, the Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) has decided to reject TopTV parent company On Demand Media’s request for permission to air three “adult” channels on its satellite pay-TV platform. In doing so, the regulator hasn’t only overstepped the mark in terms of the degree to which it should be able to interfere

Subscription-based news applications and pay walls are regarded by some people as a denial of the fundamentally open nature of the Internet. But is it really practical or in our best interests to assume everything online should be free? Free content carries no guarantee of quality whereas paid-for content implicitly does

MTN SA’s newly launched “smartphone Internet services” have created a storm of protest from consumers. The operator says they’re aimed at entry-level smartphone users and are positioned as an equivalent to BlackBerry’s immensely popular BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS). There’s

Last week, Facebook took the first step to becoming a public company by filing its S-1 documents with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Enormous figures are being bandied about but, as with Google, which listed the year Facebook was founded, the question investors