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Last week, Eastman Kodak filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. How did the Rochester-based company that made photography accessible, affordable and ubiquitous go from being unbeatable to broke? It wasn’t hubris or avarice that prompted Kodak’s

Last Wednesday, photographer and blogger Trey Ratcliff caused an uproar online when he suggested that digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras are doomed because of the advances in so-called “mirrorless” cameras. The leading-edge brigade praised

There’s been plenty of talk about the need for greater mobile data coverage in rural areas but it’s easy to become blasé about it when you’re ensconced in a coverage-rich metropolis for 350 days of the year. Hit the road and the plight of those who live with abysmal or nonexistent data coverage becomes clear

Gaming is the biggest entertainment industry in the world, bigger than even Hollywood. It’s the biggest in SA, too. It seems if you want to make money in entertainment, you’d be better off learning to code than trying your luck on Idols. Though sales of CDs, cinema tickets and DVDs have declined

Google has been eager to succeed at social media, both because it appeals to its ethos and because it’s losing valuable consumer eyeballs to Facebook. Google+ is without doubt the search giant’s most successful social venture so far, but are people actually using it after they sign

Banks are all scoundrels, right? So, how is it that one SA bank has managed to reinvent itself as not just a cool bank, but as a cool brand? And why have the other big banks fallen so far behind, at least in terms of customer perception? Surely it can’t just

Finland’s Nokia wants us to believe it’s set to stage an Apple-sized comeback with its newly announced range of Asha feature phones and Lumia smartphones. That won’t be easy. But what it has done is take the first vital step: it’s started executing on a plan to win back

It’s all too easy to forget how dependent we have become on mobile communications technology. Until it fails. When it does, the knives come out and consumers threaten mass defection to alternative platforms. Canada’s Research in Motion, the maker

One look at the wild speculation that preceded Apple’s announcement on Tuesday of the iPhone 4S and the latest incarnation of its mobile operating system, iOS 5, is enough to tell you that everyone was expecting more. And with Apple’s share

On Wednesday, US online retail giant Amazon will launch its first tablet computer, the Google Android-powered device that technology site TechCrunch reckons will be called the Kindle Fire. With dozens of tablets in the market already, the obvious question is