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Regard-van-der-Berg-180Wi-Fi hotspots are popping up everywhere, and access is no longer uncommon in public spaces. Even minibus taxis will soon become Wi-Fi hotspots, with nearly 90% of taxi body Santaco’s fleet earmarked for Wi-Fi deployment over the next three years

At a recent public lecture, held at the University of Johannesburg, I was inspired by the impact that the Bloodhound SSC project has had on science, mathematics and engineering in schools around the world. The project, whose aim is to set a new world land speed record at supersonic speed

As a journalist, I am au fait with computer keyboards. My fingers glide across the keys as I write, but there are a few buttons that I never touch. These evolutionary leftovers from a previous era of computing seem to offer no purpose today. Granted, these keys don’t appear on all modern keyboards, and regions also differ, but if

Before I moved house earlier this year, I used to drive along a road to the office that snakes through the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. As with most suburban roads in this part of the world, traffic can get a little out of hand during peak hours. Although I certainly don’t mind spending some time stuck in a jam, I used to get