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As a techie, when I need something — anything — I turn to the Web. I do a quick search to find a service provider, or before engaging with one, to check out their services online. Often, I do a quick check on a company website

Love the company or hate it, Google has fundamentally changed the way we use the Internet. The company has set the standard for two of the Internet’s biggest drawcards, Web search and e-mail, for more than a decade. And it’s showing no signs of slowing down. This week, Google unveiled

Early in September, Google announced that around 5m Gmail usernames and passwords had been leaked. Although Google said less than 2% of those details “might have worked” due to the age of the data stolen, this is by no means

It’s a new era in Cupertino. Apple’s smartwatch, announced yesterday by CEO Tim Cook, represents a marked shift in strategy for a company over which founder and former CEO Steve Jobs still casts a big shadow. Apple’s two new smartphones

Think BitTorrent and most people think piracy – an easy way to get music, movies and software on the Internet using the peer-to-peer protocol, which was founded in 2004 by San Francisco’s BitTorrent Inc. But BitTorrent is a hugely useful

At TechCentral, we get called on average at least once a week – sometimes far more often – by a friendly sounding Indian national warning us that our Windows computer is infected with a virus. The call, which originates from a call

Smartphones as we know them today really started emerging about 10 years ago. My first experience with one was with the groundbreaking HTC Wallaby in 2002. The Microsoft Windows Mobile-powered Wallaby was primitive next to today’s smartphones — the interface was difficult to navigate without a stylus and there was no app store – but it offered an

In the past few months, South Africans have been introduced to a range of new mobile payment systems that turn ordinary smartphones into digital wallets, allowing people to pay for goods and services without cash or cards

Cape Town is mulling over public comments to its draft proposal to provide open access to the city’s data. The city is developing plans to establish and populate a single online and open portal for data

On Friday, Nest Labs – which was acquired by Google in January for US$3,2bn – said it was buying Dropcam, a San Francisco-based company specialising in home-monitoring cameras for US$555m. Things are hotting up in the smart home market and consumers may soon be exposed to hundreds of new hardware devices and