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Interview: Sita CEO Setumo Mohapi

Sita CEO Setumo Mohapi

Thank you for listening to the TechCentral podcast. In this episode, Duncan McLeod talks to Setumo Mohapi, CEO of the State IT Agency (Sita), about the crackdown he is leading on corruption at the agency and his plans to transform it.

In the podcast, Mohapi reveals that he has received death threats for his moves to clean up Sita (see article). He explains why he’s not backing down, why he has fired several employees, reported cases to the Hawks and other authorities, and will not hesitate to reveal the names of those suspected of underhanded dealings.

“If you have been stealing, we will find you,” he says in the interview. “When we find you, we will then discipline you. And if you go through that process (and are found guilty), we will fire you.”

Mohapi talks in detail about what he found when he joined Sita in 2015 and how he is trying to turn around the organisation — and why he believes he is making solid progress.

It’s a great, wide-ranging discussion about one of the key agencies in government. Don’t miss it!

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  1. Give this man a …..Golden handshake. Jokes. Not now, maybe later, after 2019 perhaps.
    SITA is seemingly on course judging by the responses or perhaps we taking the ‘silent awe’ approach. Nothing gets a conversation started like….competence and anti-corruption in the same sentence!!!! Look Mohapi has to be commended for at least giving this state agency a meaningful strategy and plausible reason for relevance in the ever-changing IT landscape. This guy is to SITA what Schwarzenegger was to the Terminator franchise – the dude you send to get results. State competence and principled leadership is always in short supply this side of the equator but his principals need to take a closer look here and prioritize stability over populism then SA and her citizens should fare well. who knows three years from now this could be a good story to tell if applied to the rest; Eskom, SAA et al.
    Well done and keep it up Mohapi.

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