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Eskom plunges South Africa back into darkness

Eskom will implement load shedding for the first time in nearly four months, the state-owned utility said on Friday, as plant breakdowns reduced its ability to meet demand.

For the third straight day on Friday, Eskom warned of a high possibility of load shedding due to generation units being out of service. The company said in a statement on Friday morning that the possibility that it may be forced to implement load shedding had increased.

This, it said, was because five generation units were taking off the grid, significantly raising the potential for load shedding. Soon after publishing that warning, it provided an update: load shedding would begin at midday on Friday and continue until 10pm. The chances of rolling blackouts being implemented through the weekend are high,.

“This load shedding has been caused by an increase in plant breakdowns exceeding 3GW of capacity,” Eskom said. Earlier on Friday, Eskom said two units at the Arnot power station as well as a unit ecah at Kendal, Tutuka and Majuba were offline. Together, these removed 2.6GW of capacity from the system.

A breakdown on Friday at the Matimba power station resulted in the need to implement the rolling blackouts.

Demand for electricity is likely to spike in the coming days as one of the most powerful winter storms in years lashes the south-western parts of the country and brings sub-zero temperatures to the central and eastern parts. — (c) 2020 NewsCentral Media

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