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State won’t appeal nuclear ruling

The South African government said on Saturday that it had decided not to appeal a court ruling that its nuclear energy construction programme was unconstitutional, possibly delaying plans to expand the continent’s only atomic power fleet.

South Africa had signed accords with the US, China, South Korea, France and Russia to possibly use suppliers in those countries to build nuclear plants to generate as much as 9,6GW of electricity, about a fifth of current generation capacity.

“We will sign new and standardised agreements with the five countries and this should start in June,” energy minister Mmamoloko Kubayi told reporters on Saturday in Pretoria.

The Western Cape high court on 26 April ordered the government to hold public hearings and a parliamentary debate on the nuclear programme, which may cost as much as R1 trillion. It also set aside a 2015 decision to acquire new nuclear capacity.

President Jacob Zuma has championed the building of as many as eight reactors from 2023, a plan opposition parties say is mired in corruption.

Civil rights groups, including Earthlife Africa and the Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute, said the government ignored due process in approving the plants, and sued to halt their construction.

The energy ministry’s own research shows additional nuclear power probably won’t be needed until 2037. The country has two reactors at its Koeberg facility that came online in the 1980s.

“Nuclear remains a core component of government’s energy mix that includes renewables,” Kubayi said. “However, all our processes will now be in line with the constitution and open and transparent as we don’t want to be in court every week.”  — (c) 2017 Bloomberg LP

  • Davebee

    You WILL be in court every week as this country has no business meddling in insanely costly and hideously dangerous nuclear power!
    Be assured Koebai the public are not going to allow you and your cronies, cadres and assorted politically well connected gravy train parasites the opportunity to turn South Africa into a radio active wasteland.
    Shelve those nuclear so-called targets IMMEDIATELY and for good!

  • CharlieTango

    You don’t go to court if you don’t have a leg to stand on – but then again, that’s never stopped this stupid government in the past.

  • herman

    Hi Dave. if you’ve got time watch this documentary from Nova- “The nuclear option”. New nuclear power technology is a lot safer. it is the older generation power plants that had safety flaws.

    While i completely agree that this plan should not go ahead because we don’t need it and the deal will be tainted with corruption. I would like to possibly change your opinion on the safety aspect. Nuclear power is the right choice in today’s times when we are trying to limit CO2 emissions.

  • Davebee

    I agree 101% with your views but I think in the context of the DNA coursing through the veins of our current ‘leadership’ the term ‘tainted with corruption’ would figure as the understatement of the millennium Herman.
    I’m aware of Thorium reactors but believe me the nukes on offer from the Russkies will be the crappiest and most dangerous off the shelf in the shop.. Guess what? Our local cadres wouldn’t give a flying phuk if they were, as long as the blek window 4×4’s and pointy shoes kept on coming and sod the victims!
    Sad, but there we are pal, that’s the way we roll in the NSA.

  • V.O.I.C.E

    They don’t have the power too lol!