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Google Assistant is about to get much smarter

Trying to schedule a haircut? Or book a restaurant table? Google’s virtual assistant will soon be able to do that for you, a new offering that could give the search engine even more granular data about offline

Amazon looks to a world beyond smartphones

In case it wasn’t obvious before Wednesday, has leapfrogged the smartphone to go after the next era of computing. The company never could have done this if it hadn’t been steamrolled in smartphones first. The way

Amazon gadget to offer hands-free landline calls is looking to an ageing technology to continue its push to digitise and connect the home: the landline phone. At an event in Seattle in the US on Wednesday, Amazon unveiled a $35 device that plugs into existing

Google starts to think beyond ads

Google has been trying to move beyond advertising for some time, with mixed results. At its annual I/O developer conference this year, the company multiplied efforts to make money in

Google’s AI assistant coming to the iPhone

Google’s artificial intelligence software is already inside Android phones, smart speakers and watches. At the Google I/O conference this week, it plans to bring it to at least three more places: iPhones, coffee tables and kitchens.

Digital helpers crowd Barcelona

Mobile World Congress, the premier wireless technology conference in Barcelona, was supposed to be a coming out party for Google’s digital assistant. But at this year’s proceedings, the artificially intelligent voice-based service

James Francis
Hello, computer

I never get tired of this: hold down the button and tell Siri to set a timer. It has, at the very least, made me a better cook. As Marco Pierre White said, cooking is part art and part exact chemistry, so measure and time precisely. I’m not alone, at least as far as

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