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In China, tech is now all but state-owned

A key stumbling block in trade negotiations between China and the US has been Beijing’s extensive support for its technology firms. But if US President Donald Trump’s administration thinks that will change any

Banks need to fear Amazon’s finance ambitions

Banks around the world have spent the past few years preparing for competition from small, nimble technology start-ups. It turns out the real threat may be Jeff Bezos. Financial institutions have parried the threat from fintech firms by

HTC facing an uncertain future

HTC is exploring its options. That’s exactly what the former smartphone high flyer should be doing. An adviser has been engaged and the Taiwan manufacturer is considering bringing in a strategic investor. A full or partial

The astonishing rise of Tencent

There’s only one stock in Asia that’s really mattered this year – Tencent Holdings, in which South Africa’s Naspers has a 33.2% stake. A 76% surge in its Hong Kong shares has lifted the company’s value by US$175bn (R2.3 trillion

Worries grow over Tencent, Alibaba valuations

Alibaba and Tencent can count themselves among the world’s costliest technology companies after a stellar run. To justify those lofty valuations, China’s two largest corporations have to deliver on some of the riskiest bets they’ve

Naspers’s Tencent dominates in messaging

Tencent Holdings’ messaging services were by far the most popular Chinese mobile apps in 2016, leading steady growth in the world’s largest Internet and smartphone market, the government’s online industry overseers said on Sunday. WeChat remained the most

How Yahoo came up with its new name

Yahoo, or rather what will be left of it once it has sold its operational Internet assets to Verizon Communications in a $4,8bn deal, will change its name to the rather obscure Altaba, the US company said in a regulatory filing