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Software hasn’t come close to eating the world

Software is so disappointing. It was supposed to – in the words of one sage – eat the world, the implication being that it would be modern, brilliant, liberating, hip and fun (assuming it didn’t make you and your job obsolete

Ominous signs for Apple on iPhone 8 sales

It was always going to be tough to get a handle on the initial sales success of the latest iPhone models. But some early signs are not encouraging for Apple. The latest dour data came from US telecommunications operator

Whoever controls the OS directs the future

My thoughts tend to go to dark places these days. And so when I watched Google on Wednesday trot out one after another of its homegrown computing devices for every task and every nook of our homes, I went straight to dystopia

Amazon looks to a world beyond smartphones

In case it wasn’t obvious before Wednesday, has leapfrogged the smartphone to go after the next era of computing. The company never could have done this if it hadn’t been steamrolled in smartphones first. The way

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