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Demand for cryptocurrency bitcoin has soared in the past week, with prices surging just over 20% on South African-linked exchange BitX. The price of a bitcoin on BitX has risen from R7 443 at 2pm on 26 May to R8 998 at 10am on

Naspers is leading a US$4m (about R50m) funding round in Bitcoin start-up BitX. The investment is being made through Naspers payments subsidiary PayU, with BitX’s existing investor, Barry Silbert’s Digital Currency Group, also participating in the round

BitX, the Bitcoin exchange launched last year, has released a mobile application that it hopes will help emerging markets better understand and use the cryptocurrency. The app allows anyone to buy or sell Bitcoin and functions as a wallet to store the virtual currency. BitX is headquartered

One of South Africa’s biggest online payment gateways, PayFast, has announced that it will now accept crypto currency Bitcoin as a payment method. The integration is being done in partnership with the BitX exchange and allows buyers to purchase

No one is really sure who created it. Financial regulators, including our own Reserve Bank, do not like it. But its proponents believe it could revolutionise international monetary and payment systems, in the same way the Internet changed how the world communicates. It is Bitcoin, the virtual or crypto-currency that has gripped the imaginations of technophiles and