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BT Group has agreed to legally split off its Openreach network division into a separate entity as demanded by Britain’s telecommunications regulator, a victory of sorts for the phone carrier’s rivals though not as complete a breakup as they

BT Group – formerly British Telecom – is using its control of the UK’s main broadband network to favour its own interests and regulators should consider a breakup unless the company steps up investment and gives rivals better

Telkom is planning to spin off its large wholesale services division as a separate business, with its own brand identity, in a move that promises to shake up fixed-line telecommunications in South Africa. Though the company isn’t giving away too much yet – a detailed announcement

A dramatic restructuring of Telkom’s business is on the cards, company executives made clear on Monday. The changes, to be implemented over no more than five years, will lead to fundamental

Telkom surprised the telecommunications industry last week, announcing sweeping price cuts to its wholesale broadband services that should lead to real reductions in retail fixed-line Internet prices. The cuts – which are said to go well beyond what

Telkom has an uphill battle ahead of it when it comes to unbundling the local loop. However, a company with a great deal of experience in what the process entails, BT Group (formally British Telecom), says the SA fixed-line incumbent is