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Promoted | In this podcast, CipherWave CEO Wayne D’Sa provides a sneak peek into what the company is building and where the business is headed.

Broadlink and iBurst parent Wireless Business Solutions is now called Rain. Its CEO, Duncan Simpson-Craib, sat down with TechCentral on Tuesday to talk about the name change. Also in the podcast, Simpson-Craib goes into

Vodacom has reached an agreement to roam on Wireless Business Solutions’ LTE-Advanced network, according to a report. Vodacom will benefit from WBS’s LTE-A broadband network through a roaming deal

State-owned rail, port and pipeline company Transnet wants access to a prime allocation of spectrum in the 1,8GHz band, communications regulator Icasa said on Monday. There’s a hitch, though: part of the spectrum is

Former top bankers Michael Jordaan and Paul Harris could steal a march on South Africa’s established mobile telecommunications operators when they launch their new national wireless broadband network early next year thanks

South Africa’s newest mobile broadband network, to be built by iBurst and Broadlink parent company Wireless Business Solutions (WBS), will be launched in early 2017, one of its backers, former First National Bank CEO

Broadlink, a subsidiary of WBS Holdings, the company recently acquired by Multisource – the company backed by former top bankers Michael Jordaan and Paul Harris — has announced a big national expansion of its network, building new wireless

Multisource, backed by former top bankers Paul Harris and Michael Jordaan, plans to capitalise Wireless Business Solutions (WBS), the parent of iBurst and Broadlink, to build a 4G/LTE network

Communications regulator Icasa has approved the transfer of control of the service and spectrum licences from iBurst and Broadlink parent Wireless Business Solutions to Multisource, a company backed by former top bankers Michael Jordaan and Paul Harris