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Dark Fibre Africa has won a legal battle at the supreme court of appeal, allowing it to continue the construction of a fibre-optic broadband network in the Msunduzi (Pietermaritzburg) municipality. The municipality filed a case against Dark

The City of Johannesburg has terminated the contract of CitiConnect Communications, the company tasked with running and commercialising its broadband project. The company managed BWired, the telecommunications operator set up by the city, with Ericsson, to run the project when it was launched. “It is unfortunate that we have had to

Johannesburg executive mayor Parks Tau has promised that his administration will roll out a thousand Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the city before the end of his five-year mayoral term in 2016. He made the pledge in his state of the city address, which he delivered in Soweto on Monday. “This year will see the completion of the roll-out of our

Richard Came, president of the Fibre to the Home (FTTH) Council Africa, has lamented the problems that have beset the department of communications (DOC) for the past decade, saying the repeated shuffling of communications ministers has had a significant impact on South

The R1,2bn fibre-optic network that covers all seven of greater Johannesburg’s municipalities will go live on 1 July. The network, built by BWired, a partnership between Ericsson and the city, will connect government buildings and businesses and serve as a wholesale network for telecommunications operators

It will cost R28bn to take high-speed fibre-optic broadband infrastructure into 1,5m South African homes. That’s the estimate by Dark Fibre Africa CEO Gustav Smit, who says there is no proper business case for fibre to the home on a mass scale yet, only

Ericsson-backed BWired, which is building a R1,2bn fibre-optic network that will connect government buildings and businesses in the Johannesburg metropolitan area and serve as a wholesale network to telecommunications operators, is on target for commercial switch-on in the second quarter

In February, Western Cape premier Helen Zille said she wanted to ensure every citizen in the Cape Town metropolitan area had access to 100Mbit/s broadband by 2020. Though some critics have dismissed this as political posturing, advertisements seeking a

Ericsson SA-led company BWired has spent the past two years building a metropolitan fibre-optic network to connect Johannesburg’s municipal buildings. There’s a year of the project left, but after that it can begin offering commercial services, and these