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Loss of roaming revenue hits MTN South Africa

MTN South Africa is feeling the impact of the lost revenue from former roaming partner Telkom, with the company’s service revenue declining by 2.5% year on year despite a strong operational performance.

Cell C sees ‘good progress’ on recap plan

Cell C said on Tuesday that it is making “good process” in what it calls a “complex recapitalisation” aimed at ensuring the financially troubled mobile operator survives the debt noose around its neck.

Cell C recapitalisation plan finalised

The planned recapitalisation of Cell C, believed to involve the Buffet Consortium and other investors, has been finalised, though details are only expected to be made public next month, TechCentral has learnt.

Jabu Mabuza to chair Net1 board

Net1, the company that used to manage the payment of social grants in South Africa, has appointed former Telkom and Eskom chairman Jabu Mabuza as chairman-designate of its board.

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