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Curro Holdings has walked away from an attempt to acquire rival Advtech, Curro said on Wednesday, sending Advtech’s share price down by more than 3%. It said the offer it made to buy Advtech at R13/share no longer made sense in the face of stiff

Private education group Advtech has nailed its colours to the mast, saying it is business as usual after it rejected a takeover proposal from PSG-controlled rival Curro Holdings. With a more than usual turnout at the Advtech’s annual general meeting

Advtech has rejected rival Curro’s newest “offer”, telling its rival that its latest correspondence has not changed materially from a previous approach and therefore doesn’t warrant further consideration

“I don’t think so.” In a nutshell this was the response from the Curro board following Advtech’s announcement on Tuesday that it will not refer Curro’s offer to its shareholders for consideration. It summarily withdrew the cautionary relating to discussions between the

Private education group Curro claims it is still keen to pursue an acquisition of rival Advtech, and has revealed how much it may be prepared to pay for the company. This comes a day after Advtech’s board rejected Curro’s advances after spending a

JSE-listed private education group Advtech has rejected an unsolicited offer from rival Curro to buy it, sending its share price plummeting. “Shareholders are advised that the board of Advtech has unanimously resolved that the proposal is not

The group that is least likely to scupper the possible acquisition of Advtech by its fast growing competitor Curro is the Competition Commission. Combined, the two companies are far smaller in the private schools arena than one might think. In 2013

They’re South Africa’s biggest private education companies, and now one of them is vying to buy the other. JSE-listed Advtech confirmed on Wednesday morning in a statement to shareholders that Curro Holdings, also listed on the JSE, has offered to buy it