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Commission to probe operators over data pricing

The Competition Commission has launched a market inquiry into data services, a move that could result in a big shake-up in the way mobile operators charge for and structure their data plans. The inquiry comes as pressure

There must be open access for all: Ispa

The Internet Service Providers’ Association, an industry body that represents many of South Africa’s ISPs, believes regulatory intervention is needed to force operators to open their networks to resellers. That this hasn’t happened

Icasa ‘dithering’ on mobile data prices

The Internet Service Providers’ Association, an organisation that represents most of South Africa’s ISPs, has accused communications regulator Icasa of “dithering” over intervening in the mobile market to bring down data prices

Don’t destroy our industry, MTN pleads

The national integrated ICT policy white paper, approved last month by cabinet, is a threat to the telecommunications industry and must be revisited urgently because it will chase away those investing

ISPs tell mobile networks to open up

The Internet Service Providers’ Association (Ispa) on Monday called on South Africa’s mobile operators to “embrace the open-access spirit” of government’s national integrated ICT policy white paper by launching “genuine wholesale service offerings”. This, the association said

White paper ‘broadly positive’: ISP body

A body that represents the bulk of South Africa’s Internet service provider community has described government’s national integrated ICT policy white paper as “broadly positive”, but warned against lack of proper implementation. The white paper, which has

ANC cracks bared as ministers row

A series of public spats between South African cabinet ministers, state companies and departments are exposing divisions in the ruling party and risk spooking investors in an economy the central bank forecasts will record zero growth this year.

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