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R28bn Naspers bonanza as Walmart buys Flipkart

Africa’s largest company just chalked up another major investment coup. Naspers has netted a cool US$1.6bn profit from the sale of its 11% stake in Indian e-commerce startup Flipkart, a deal almost as lucrative

WhatsApp pushes into digital payments

Just 16 months after demonetisation forever changed the way Indians pay for things, WhatsApp is set to disrupt the market yet again. With more than 200m Indians already using its messaging, WhatsApp is piloting a

Naspers sees education as new growth market

Naspers plans to expand in education software as Africa’s biggest company by market value searches for a repeat of the profitable bet it made on China’s Tencent. The owner of Africa’s biggest pay-television

Naspers’s annual results in review

Naspers said on Monday that its core headline earnings, a measure the board considers a reliable indicator of sustainable operating performance, grew by 30% to R11,2bn, up from R8,6bn in 2014

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