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Icasa, FBP and ZADNA to be merged

Regulators Icasa, the Film and Publication Board and the ZA Domain Name Authority will be merged, communications minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams said on Thursday.

Dear FPB, free our kids

The fate of online free speech and digital content hangs in the balance as the department of communications and the Film and Publication Board attempt to impose restrictions on digital channels. Although the primary mandate

Online ‘censorship bill’ unconstitutional: DA

If the Films and Publications Amendment Bill is passed in its current form, South Africans may no longer upload videos to online channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram unless they register as a distributor and pay

Muthambi cracks down on travel costs

The department of communications on Tuesday confirmed that the SABC will from now on need to submit formal requests for all international trips to minister Faith Muthambi – but the public broadcaster is not the only entity required to

Red tape crippling SA videogame industry

Government regulation is dealing a critical blow to the videogame industry, says an insider. The potential growth of the gaming industry is being hampered by regulations that make it difficult

FPB threatens sanctions against Netflix

South Africa’s Film and Publication Board is getting ready to do battle with Netflix, reportedly giving the US streaming media service two weeks to comply with local regulations or face sanctions. Kenyan website Standard Digital

Icasa, censor agree to co-operate

Communications regulator Icasa and South Africa’s censor, the Film & Publication Board, have said they plan to sign a memorandum of understanding in terms of which the two organisations will

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