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Thousands sign anti-censorship petition

More than 14 000 people have signed an online petition launched on Thursday against the Film and Publication Board’s (FPB’s) draft online regulations. “A new set of regulations threatens

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We’re not trying to muzzle the media

South Africa’s online environment has evolved significantly in recent years. The number of people with access to the Internet has grown tremendously, and the ways in which people access information and knowledge differ quite markedly compared to just a

FPB won’t regulate online media

The Film and Publication Board (FPB) has agreed in principle to defer the regulation of online press content to the Press Council of South Africa. In a joint statement from the Interactive Advertising Bureau of South Africa (IAB), the South African

Cwele fails to meet promises

On 21 May, South Africans will get to hear telecommunications & postal services minister Siyabonga Cwele deliver his second budget vote speech. It will be a report card for a minister who has been in the role for precisely a year. He is unlikely to

Censor’s tentacles spread onto the Web

The Film and Publication Board’s newly published draft online regulatory policy reflects a growing trend in government that at best betokens nanny statism and at worst a move towards more autocratic rule. The FPB, which was transferred to the department of communications

FPB in new move to police online content

The Film and Publication Board (FPB) has presented new draft regulations governing online content, which are meant, among other things, to crack down on child pornography and cyber bullying. But

Spectre of online censorship looms in SA

The Film and Publications Board plans to extend its regulatory reach to the digital space and, in a draft policy document, proposes that all online content distributed in South Africa must be classified by March 2016. But it won’t be