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Government regulation is dealing a critical blow to the videogame industry, says an insider. The potential growth of the gaming industry is being hampered by regulations that make it difficult

South Africa’s Film and Publication Board is getting ready to do battle with Netflix, reportedly giving the US streaming media service two weeks to comply with local regulations or face sanctions. Kenyan website Standard Digital

Communications regulator Icasa and South Africa’s censor, the Film & Publication Board, have said they plan to sign a memorandum of understanding in terms of which the two organisations will

The Films and Publications Amendment Bill, which will be presented in parliament on Tuesday, could outlaw revenge pornography. Communications minister Faith Muthambi and the Film and

A local association representing Internet service providers wants submissions on a controversial draft online content policy to be made public. “South Africa’s Internet Service Providers’ Association has called on the Film and Publication Board to make public

A lack of management accountability is the root cause for wasteful and irregular expenditure at the SABC and communications regulator Icasa, the auditor-general has said. The AG’s report to the parliamentary portfolio committee on communications

The auditor-general’s office has identified millions of rand in wasteful and irregular expenditure from government institutions such as public broadcaster the SABC. In a presentation to the

The recently released draft regulation policy of the Film & Publication Board (FPB), published in terms of Section 4A of the Films and Publications Act, may be well-intentioned, but will have unintended consequences regarding freedom of speech in South Africa. The purpose

Cabinet has approved the submission of the Films and Publications Amendment Bill which is guided by policy that has been criticised for seeking to curb Internet freedoms. A cabinet statement released last week said the bill seeks to amend

Mobile operators and Internet service providers could have their licences revoked by communications regulator Icasa if they fail to comply with new legislation being developed to govern online censorship in South Africa. In a statement issued on Thursday