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Let’s say this upfront: buying shares in Snapchat’s initial public offering next week is an act of lunacy. It’s nuts to buy stock of a company with just a two-year track record of generating revenue, a loss of $1,27 for each

Groupon South Africa is closing its doors with immediate effect, the company said in a note to customers on Friday. “We are sorry to inform you that as of 4 November 2016, Groupon has wound down its operations in South Africa and we are unable

MasterCard’s annual Online Behaviour Study, presented by World Wide Worx, has revealed that the availability of secure payment facilities is most critical to South Africans when they shop online. The study revealed that 90% of respondents cite the availability

A year ago, the tech press was all aflutter about the possibility of a new bubble in the internet industry. The blogosphere hummed with dire predictions of “dot-bomb 2.0” and equally passionate rebuttals. It’s amazing how much can change in a year. The most

Groupon was forced to restate fourth quarter earnings, sending its stock down 6% in after-hours trading on Friday. This surprised me as much as my US$2 investment in the Mega Millions jackpot not paying off. The reasons for Groupon’s restatement were higher refund reserves and weakness in internal controls. These are issues I’ve repeatedly

Launching on 19 March, a new Internet start-up, LiveBids, hopes to shake up the SA online retail market with a combination of online auctions, pay-per-bid sales and group buying. Conceived two-and-a-half years ago, LiveBids is the brainchild of two Capetonians

Bequester is a Johannesburg-based start-up that hopes to give small businesses the buying power of large ones. Launched as a public beta in November 2011, the site facilitates procurement deals between businesses that want products or services and those that can supply them. Founded by Thabo Makenete