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The only consistent thing about the Internet is its ability to surprise us by changing virtually over night. It’s a Darwinian market that crushes the weak and elevates the strong within months rather than years. That makes investing in online businesses a roller coaster ride

Andrew Mason is the young, fresh-faced founder of Groupon, the fastest growing start-up in history. Fresh-faced youngsters running tech start-ups are hardly a rare breed in Silicon Valley, but Mason is a native of Pittsburgh and Groupon is based in Chicago, both a far cry

When does a market go from being a “growth sector” to a bubble? As with falling in love, it’s hard to put an exact date on the event. And, just like a love affair, a bubble is marked by growing excitement, lavish spending

Fast-growing international deal-of-the-day website Groupon has acquired SA e-commerce provider Twangoo. The value of the transaction has not been disclosed

When Google offers to buy your two-year-old website for as much as US$6bn, you’d have to be crazy to refuse, right? But that’s what Groupon did. A surge of rumours last week had Google opening its offer