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While several significant changes to First National Bank’s popular eBucks rewards programme kick in this month, the tightening up of earn rules across all accounts means that rewards are now capped at far stricter levels

It’s not just that IT services group EOH reported a 23% slump in headline earnings in the first six months of its 2018 financial year (this despite a 19% jump in revenue). It’s not that free cash flow is negative. Nor the

First, the really bad… Telkom is staring at a cliff: in the past 18 months, its lost nearly 100 000 ADSL subscribers. In that time, it’s only added 73 710 fibre connections to homes. The trend has been

Vodacom’s Meg Your Day promotion, which offers subscribers up to 1GB of free data to use on specific services/apps, is changing the way we use the mobile Internet. Of course, Vodacom is not giving away free Facebook, Instagram and video data for some altruistic

Icasa’s move to regulate what it terms “out-of-bundle billing practices” and “expiry of data practices” is years overdue. The regulator wants to get rid of the typical 30-day expiry period for mobile data bundles, which has been a

People forget that Telkom CEO Sipho Maseko left Vodacom in 2012 under rather strange circumstances. I won’t bore you with the details. But what he has achieved at Telkom since his appointment in April 2013 has