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It’s surprising that the country’s major mobile operators haven’t trumpeted the death of R2/MB charges for out-of-bundle data. That pricing – a staple of the industry since Vodacom’s launch of 3G services in 2004 – has practically disappeared

Friday’s speculation reported by Bloomberg that NTT Group was looking to offload African operations it acquired when it bought Dimension Data in 2010 left me a little uneasy. It isn’t clear if the assets in question are all the group’s

The effective price per minute of mobile voice calls on South Africa’s largest mobile network has more than halved since 2013. While not explicitly disclosed by the operator, the current blended price per minute (across both prepaid and

Vodacom’s revamped Smart+ and Red+ integrated packages have seen increases in data, voice and SMS allocations across the board. And, in the case of its Smart packages – ranging from the R199 (200MB) to R699 (1GB) level

Internet Solutions (IS) is, according to Bloomberg, in talks to buy Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) from Remgro, majority owner (51%) of DFA-parent Community Investment Ventures. The report last week suggested that the sellers want as much as

While Vodacom’s “overhaul” of its Smart and Red integrated contract plans has meant an increase in the number of bundled minutes, SMSes and data practically across the board, it has also managed to lift the pricing for these plans. Its mid-level Smart M+ plan is now

Government’s direct and indirect stake in Telkom appears to have dropped to below 50% for the first time since it warehoused and then sold most of a stake to the Elephant Consortium and Wiphold in a 2005 black economic empowerment

In the current quarter, data revenue should overtake that which Vodacom’s South African operation derives from voice services. In the company’s third quarter, data service revenue in South Africa totalled R5,5bn

The number of Telkom digital subscriber line subscribers has declined for the first time ever. Between 1 April 2016 and 30 September 2016, the operator lost 19 714 DSL customers. This went largely unnoticed by the market as Telkom changed

Dear Telkom, this was very nearly a public break-up between us. It wasn’t me, you see; it was you. It took 12 working days and immense perseverance from me to get you to fix my dead phone line and practically useless