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Love it or hate it, Internet Explorer (IE) has been Microsoft’s window on the Web for almost 20 years. In the rapidly evolving online world, this is a ripe old age – and now Microsoft has decided it is time for IE to hand over the baton. Starting with Windows 10, due for release

Internet Explorer has been sliding downhill in market share for the past few years, but recently mined stats show something the critics never expected to see: a small but significant uptick in IE’s numbers since the beginning of 2012. Data from NetMarketShare show that while IE had indeed been in a slump for quite some time

It’s one of the most important pieces of technology in the modern world, a secure gateway to all the wonders and conveniences of the Internet. It’s a tool used every day by billions of people for everything from banking to learning to

Microsoft believes that the latest version of Internet Explorer will enable it to recapture market share it has lost to Mozilla’s Firefox browser and Google Chrome in recent years. The beta version of Internet Explorer 9 launched yesterday.

omputer maker Apple has beaten analysts’ estimates thanks to record sales of Macintosh computers, sending the share nearly 3% higher in after-hours trading on Monday. The company, which is expected to unveil a tablet computing device at a press conference in San Francisco on Wednesday

For a number of years now, Mozilla’s Firefox has been a popular and growing alternative to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. It’s estimated that the open-source browser is used by a quarter of all Web users. But its star could be fading.