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Thieves are walking off with Telkom’s network

Telkom registered more than 6 000 incidents of copper-cable theft on its network in the past year and as a result is now actively moving customers away from the technology to wireless and fibre alternatives. The telecommunications operator said on

Telkom job cuts a ‘crude stunt’

Trade union federation Cosatu has slammed Telkom’s plans to cut 300 jobs and outsource another 254 staff. On Friday, Telkom confirmed that a section 189 process – which deals

Too early to speculate on job cuts: Telkom

Telkom has sought to play down a report published on Monday that suggested it plans to slash its workforce by more than 40% in the coming months. Bloomberg reported that Telkom wants to cut its workforce to

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Telkom to open its exchanges to rivals

Telkom will open its telecommunications exchanges to Internet service providers using an open-access model in an effort to stimulate demand for fixed-line broadband in South Africa. “To further stimulate access to broadband, we will make making around

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In defence of Telkom’s development plan

Marc Ashton’s recent column about Telkom’s approach to enterprise and supplier development, concludes with him noting: “So, maybe I am wrong.” As a regular reader and fan of his opinions, in this instance, I have to agree with him – he is wrong

Telkom needs strong medicine, expert says

Telkom’s plan to cut thousands of jobs could be what the telecommunications company needs to compete more effectively in future, said Arthur Goldstuck, MD of local technology research company

Telkom confirms massive job cuts

Telkom on Tuesday evening confirmed union fears that a jobs bloodbath is on the cards at the telecommunications operator. Telkom said is expects to reduce its headcount by 4 400 people