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In defence of Telkom’s development plan

Marc Ashton’s recent column about Telkom’s approach to enterprise and supplier development, concludes with him noting: “So, maybe I am wrong.” As a regular reader and fan of his opinions, in this instance, I have to agree with him – he is wrong

Telkom needs strong medicine, expert says

Telkom’s plan to cut thousands of jobs could be what the telecommunications company needs to compete more effectively in future, said Arthur Goldstuck, MD of local technology research company

Telkom confirms massive job cuts

Telkom on Tuesday evening confirmed union fears that a jobs bloodbath is on the cards at the telecommunications operator. Telkom said is expects to reduce its headcount by 4 400 people

Big shake-up for Telkom tenders

Telkom has introduced an electronic tender management system, which it said will herald big changes in its procurement processes. All tender processes will be moved onto an electronic portal

Telkom triumphs in Daimler court battle

Telkom has won a high-stakes case against Daimler Fleet Management over management of the telecommunications operator’s full fleet of 6 000 service vehicles. The vehicles are used…

Telkom, Daimler in court battle

Judgment is expected next Thursday in a dispute between Telkom and Daimler Fleet Management over a contract for the management of Telkom’s full fleet of 6 000 vehicles used by the telecommunications

Deadlock in Telkom labour talks

Telkom says its discussions with the Communication Workers Union over voluntary severance and early retirement packages — known as VSPs and VERPs — have deadlocked, allowing the company to go ahead with the offers to affected employees. However

Zille, Telkom square off over broadband claims

Telkom “trusts” that the Financial Services Board and the JSE will “respond as necessary” in the wake of an allegation by Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille on Tuesday that “those on the inside track” about government’s plan to name the company as its “lead

Crooks target Telkom job seekers

Telkom warned on Tuesday that a recruitment scam is promising successful candidates a paid internship at the company but actually fleecing job seekers out of money. The fraudsters promise those who are successful