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When last did you visit a bank branch? A few months back? Longer? If it was not for that infernal requirement to have stamped bank statements every time you try and do something/anything, you

First National Bank says it plans to close more than 20 outlets amid the growing adoption of digital banking channels. The bank came to the decision after it launched a review of branch related functions. The bank found that, during the expansion of

FNB said on Tuesday it will invest about R400m to upgrade existing and add new branches. The bank also plans to bulk up its self-service and digital banking transacting points, the bank said in a

First National Bank will no longer support Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), the Web browser introduced with Windows 7, from September. The bank told customers on Thursday it cannot be restricted by the limitations IE8 imposes on its online banking system. “It is our policy to support the three latest Internet Explorer

First National Bank has given its online banking portal an overhaul. The new site is more minimalist and allows clients to use the full, online service on smartphones and tablet computers, in addition to laptops and desktops. The new website will be available to consumers on Sunday

Internet Explorer 6 is the Web browser that just won’t die. The browser, which shipped with Windows XP in 2001, continues to be used by a substantial minority of Internet users