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Lloyd Gedye
Meet Telkom’s man of ‘testicular fortitude’

If Telkom had a theme tune right now it would probably be written by hard rock band AC/DC, perhaps something from their 1976 classic album Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. No, not the title track, because there is nothing cheap about Telkom, with communications minister Dina Pule’s adviser

Lloyd Gedye
Be afraid, very afraid, of the Nexus

Depending on who you are, the Nexus is either a villainous professional wrestling team or the framework from which to view the future of IT. According to Wikipedia, the most popular online result for a Google search on the word “nexus” is the wrestling team’s catch phrase, “you are either Nexus or you’re

Lloyd Gedye
Streaming to shake up SA music biz

I remember the moment I realised that music streaming services were the future. I was at the Trans Musicale music festival in Rennes, France, in 2009 and was invited back to some French youngster’s apartment to carry on the party after the day’s

Lloyd Gedye
Alan Knott-Craig: consumer champion?

If anyone needs confirmation that there is a price war going on in SA’s cellphone sector, a quick look at last Sunday’s newspapers will confirm it. Take the Sunday Times, for example. In the first 16 pages of news last week, five pages had huge advertisements from Cell C, Vodacom and MTN

Lloyd Gedye
Icasa key to cheaper broadband

It is a perversion of SA’s broadband sector that wireless players punch above their weight. More than 21m South Africans use a wireless connection to access the Internet — with a tablet, smartphone or dongle — whereas fewer than 800 000 subscribe to an ADSL broadband connection. This is according to the Organ­isation for Economic

Shake-up for SA’s ticketing industry

SA’s ticketing industry is about to get a kick up the backside because of a new technology that will allow artists, venues and other entertainment suppliers to sell tickets directly to fans and punters via their Facebook pages and websites. The

Lloyd Gedye
Telkom’s #EpicFail

Former Telkom CEO Reuben September’s ghost loomed large over the parastatal this week with the announcement that the fixed-line operator has lost R9,8bn because of its failed investment in Nigerian business Multi-Links. To put this loss into perspective, Telkom’s

Lloyd Gedye
Sentech needs its eyes checked

They say hindsight has 20/20 vision. In that case, Sentech needs to get its eyes checked. The parastatal announced the details of its plan to spend R1,2-billion of taxpayers’ money building a new national wireless broadband network

Lloyd Gedye
Telkom is eating itself

Last Thursday, 13 January, at 5pm a man was driving near the town of Phokeng, the capital of the Royal Bafokeng Nation, which lies near Rustenberg. He spotted a Telkom bakkie on the side of the road and a man in a Telkom uniform hacksawing