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The rise and rise of Logitech

Since Bracken Darrell took over Logitech International four years ago, the company’s stock has quadrupled on robust sales of snazzy PC accessories that complement products by the likes of Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Google. But as Darrell plots

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Review: Logitech’s washable keyboard

If you haven’t spilt a cup of coffee, wine or water over at least one keyboard, laptop or tablet computer, you’re not a proper worker bee in the knowledge economy. At the very least, someone you know has. Logitech is hoping these mishaps will encourage people to consider the K310, the company’s

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Logitech Pure-Fi Express Plus: purely pedestrian

There’s a lot of money in Apple accessories: just ask Built, Crumpler, iHome, Griffin, JBL or any of the other companies that make the myriad cases, docks, cables and other accessories Apple doesn’t include in the box. Swiss company Logitech has long been on the iAccessory bandwagon