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Micro-jobbing platform M4JAM (Money for Jam) may be making a comeback after an acquisition by Informal Solution Providers. The start-up ran into financial difficulty and announced in

South African Internet micro-jobbing service Money for Jam (M4Jam) has ceased trading after failing to make a profit, the company’s CEO Andre Hugo has said. M4Jam was launched

WumDrop is South Africa’s app of the year. The start-up was selected as the winner in the best enterprise app category and was also overall winner for its courier and fleet management application in the MTN App of the Year challenge. Developed by Benjamin

The Internet is full of get-rich-quick schemes. Just like the secrets to magical weight loss, these schemes are exactly what they appear to be – too good to be true. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for ordinary people to make money via the Internet. Two local start-ups are betting they can

Start-up M4Jam, which launched commercial services this week, is hoping to make a dent in South Africa’s unemployment crisis. The company — its name is short for “money for jam” offers people with smartphones jobs that take a short period to complete. Started by 44-year-old entrepreneur Andre Hugo, the idea is to provide