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Mark Shuttleworth’s HBD exits FlightScope

South African Internet billionaire Mark Shuttleworth’s HBD Venture Capital has sold its stake in South African 3D Doppler ball-tracking sports radar specialist FlightScope to management on what

Why Shuttleworth lost exchange control case

A R250,5m exit levy charged to billionaire Mark Shuttleworth when he transferred his assets out of South Africa in 2009 was “not inconsistent with the constitution”. This is according to a judgment handed down

Shuttleworth said to mull Canonical IPO

Mark Shuttleworth is giving serious thought about a possible initial public offering or listing of Canonical, the company behind his Ubuntu Linux operating system for PCs and smartphones. This is

Judgment reserved in Shuttleworth case

The constitutional court on Tuesday reserved judgment in the South African Reserve Bank’s application for leave to appeal a supreme court of appeal judgment in favour of billionaire technology entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth

Concourt to sit in Shuttleworth case

The constitutional court will on Tuesday hear the South African Reserve Bank’s application for leave to appeal a supreme court of appeal judgment in favour of entrepreneur Mark Shuttleworth. Last year, the supreme court ordered that the Reserve Bank repay Shuttleworth

Ubuntu phones: will consumers bite?

A new arrival into an extremely competitive market, the first Ubuntu-powered phone has finally gone on sale in Europe — two years after a failed attempt to generate crowdfunding nevertheless raised US$12m. A sleek, polished rectangle, it appears much like other

Mark Shuttleworth makes his smartphone play

The first commercially available smartphone running Ubuntu, the open-source operating system developed by Canonical – the company founded by South African technology billionaire Mark Shuttleworth – is about to go on sale. Sadly, the phone won’t immediately

Trust to get Shuttleworth’s R250m

Mark Shuttleworth will give away the more than R250m the South African Reserve Bank must have him following a bruising battle at the supreme court of appeal in Bloemfontein. The Internet billionaire said in a blog post on Wednesday that he will commit all the funds returned to him

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