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Google has been eager to succeed at social media, both because it appeals to its ethos and because it’s losing valuable consumer eyeballs to Facebook. Google+ is without doubt the search giant’s most successful social venture so far, but are people actually using it after they sign

There are plenty of reasons why Steve Jobs is one of the most recognised personalities in business. But chief among them is the fact that he’s credited with having saved Apple and then turning it into the most valuable technology company in the

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. For months the tech press has swirled with persistent rumours that News Corp is selling MySpace. On Tuesday it emerged that serious bids for the ailing social network are now as low as US$30m

As has become customary at this time of the year, it’s time for TechCentral to name its newsmakers of the year. Last year, we published the top 10 SA newsmakers of the year. This year, we’re adding an international

From the start, The Social Network is a barrage of words as relentless as a Twitter stream. David Fincher’s fictionalised account of the founding of Facebook doesn’t pause for breath as it fires off its sound bites and zingers at a rate of about a zillion a minute to compress Aaron Sorkin’s dense 162-page script into a concise two-hour film.