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With Robert Downey Jr likely to throw his Iron Man suit on the scrapheap within the next two years, there will soon be a gap in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for an obnoxious but brilliant playboy turned world saviour. Enter Benedict

Clash of Clans could be the type of tent-pole entertainment that helps Asia’s biggest Internet company build a Marvel-like universe of movies, comic books, online videos and t-shirts. Tencent Holdings, in which South Africa’s Naspers has a

Ant-Man – a smaller, leaner and more agile superhero film than anything Marvel has made in ages – shows that bigger isn’t always better. The latest entry into the comic book company’s universe of films is low-key in both story and presentation compared to the

The Marvel Comics money printing machine rolls on with the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, the headlining act in “phase two” of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s predictably big, slick

Based on a relatively obscure crew of characters in the Marvel comic book universe and made for a reputed budget of US$170m, Guardians of the Galaxy qualifies as a brave bet in today’s world of blockbuster film-making. It’s an exuberant B-movie with A-scale production values; a goofy cosmic adventure that disarms cynicism through

Forget the ominous title and the fact that it is directed by Alan Taylor of television’s Game of Thrones. Thor: The Dark World is about as dark as an episode of He-Man & the Masters of the Universe. The sequel to 2011’s Thor is another of those likeable but lightweight comic book films that Marvel

The Avengers last year assembled four of Marvel’s biggest heroes in a single film, where an army of aliens led by a Norse god laid utter waste to New York City. That’s a tough act to follow, but Iron Man 3 does so by focusing on the character of Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) rather than on the superhero firepower

Marvel’s master plan for an all-star superhero film with some of its most popular characters has finally come together in The Avengers, a rousing special FX blockbuster that delivers exactly what most comic-book fans will be looking for. It’s an enjoyable