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South Africa ready to help MTN, minister suggests

Telecoms minister Siyabonga Cwele has strongly suggested that the South African government stands ready to intervene on MTN Group’s behalf over the more than $10-billion in demands placed on the telecommunications provider by Nigeria.

MTN seeks urgent legal relief in Nigeria

MTN Group is taking Nigeria’s central bank and attorney-general to court over a dispute that has crashed the market value of the Johannesburg-headquartered telecommunications group.

MTN sucked into Nigerian political vortex

MTN Group has become a battleground issue for Nigerian politicians vying for ascendancy ahead of a national election in February, with $10-billion worth of claims made against the South African wireless carrier.

MTN’s Nigeria nightmare deepens

Nigeria is seeking about $2-billion in back taxes from MTN Group, another curve ball directed at Africa’s biggest wireless carrier that’s come to light less than a week after it was ordered to refund $8.1-billion in “illegally” repatriated funds.

MTN got Nigerian approval to repatriate funds last year

MTN Group and four lenders won approval from Nigeria’s central bank to repatriate funds in a ruling last year, indicating Africa’s largest wireless operator is at least now complying with regulations it’s accused of flouting prior to 2015.

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