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Independent cellphone tower operator Eaton Towers has secured US$150m in equity funding from Capital International Private Equity Funds (Cipef), a private equity investor that focuses on emerging markets. The funding will be used to acquire, build and

Duncan McLeod and Craig Wilson are back with a news- and analysis-packed edition of TalkCentral, TechCentral’s business technology podcast. In this week’s show, we give our first impressions of Windows 8 (yes, we’ve installed the developer preview) and talk

French telecommunications giant Orange, a subsidiary of France Telecom, is in talks to buy SA IT service company Business Connexion (BCX), three separate industry sources have told TechCentral. Neither company is commenting, but it raises

Is French telecommunications giant Orange, the mobile subsidiary of France Telecom, buying JSE-listed IT services company Business Connexion (BCX)? Three separate industry sources, none of whom is employed by either company, have told TechCentral they understand

MIP Holdings, an independent software development house based in Johannesburg, has acquired Stellenbosch-based Itemate Solutions for an undisclosed sum. It hopes the deal will give it access to Africa’s vast unbanked market by allowing it to merge

Triple-play services, consisting of television, telephony and broadband Internet access, delivered over the same physical cable infrastructure, are not something one typically associates with African telecommunications. Now, however, a Kenyan company, Wananchi, is planning to bring fibre connectivity to hundreds of thousands of homes in East Africa, in the process remaking how a continent thinks about what can be done with high-speed connectivity.

Sub-Saharan Africa will soon be drowning in international bandwidth. France Telecom’s Orange has announced an extension to the Lower Indian Ocean Network (Lion) cable, adding yet more capacity to the east coast of Africa.

Yet another undersea cable system is coming to connect SA and other African countries to the global Internet, bringing the promise of an international bandwidth glut and lower broadband prices for consumers and businesses. France Telecom has announced the new project’s backers, mainly operators, have signed an agreement for the construction of the US$700m (R5,4bn), 5,1Tbit/s, 17 000km-long system known as the Africa Coast to Europe (