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Nkosana Makate and telecommunications company Vodacom will now have to revive in good faith negotiations after a deadlock in talks to determine reasonable compensation over the “please call me” service. The

The constitutional court’s scathing judgment that ordered Vodacom to compensate Nkosana Makate for his “please call me” idea, in theory, brings an end to a legal case akin to a David vs Goliath battle. The case, which was before the high court in

A group of wealthy businessmen have emerged as the financial backers of a former Vodacom employee’s civil claim involving the company’s “Please call me” service, Business Day reported on Monday. Pretoria attorney Chris Schoeman and two partners

Former Vodacom CEO Alan Knott-Craig was accused of being evasive on Wednesday when asked if MTN planned to sue the company for stealing the “Please call me” idea. “Your worship, the witness is being evasive about it,” Cedric Puckrin, acting for former Vodacom

The invention of Vodacom’s “Please call me” service came under scrutiny when former Vodacom CEO Alan Knott-Craig testified in the high court in Johannesburg, Business Report reported on Wednesday. In Knott-Craig’s biography, Second is Nothing

Vodacom failed in a bid in the high court in Johannesburg to have the “Please Call Me” case scrapped, Business Report said on Tuesday. On Monday, the court denied an attempt by Vodacom to have the case set aside, and it was expected to resume this week. Former Vodacom employee