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Robert Mugabe’s near four-decade reign as the strongman of Zimbabwe ended on Tuesday, when he submitted a letter of resignation to parliament, sparking scenes of celebration across the capital, Harare. House of assembly speaker Jacob

Bitcoin climbed as much as 10% on Zimbabwe’s Golix exchange on Wednesday after the country’s armed forces seized power. The price of the cryptocurrency in the Southern African nation jumped as high as US$13 499, almost

Zimbabwe’s crippling cash shortage has left a black hole in the financial system that’s crushing the rest of the economy. “We deposit the cash and it becomes theoretical, ephemeral,” Mohamed Salam, who owns several small stores selling building supplies

Zimbabwe’s telecommunications regulator has backed down over new floor prices for telecoms services, resulting in the country’s largest operator, Econet, reversing large price increases announced earlier in the week. In a statement, the country’s

Robert Mugabe’s government has been accused of using new regulated floor prices for telecommunications services as a way of making it unaffordable for Zimbabweans to use social media. The country’s telecommunications regulator

Organisers and campaigners in Zimbabwe have advised citizens to tap social media to drum up support for protests against President Robert Mugabe until he steps down. The organisers and campaigners are advising citizens to keep

Instant messaging application WhatsApp was unavailable in Zimbabwe on Wednesday amid fears that the government was clamping down on social media as the economically and politically troubled Southern African country faced a day of national protest

Social media tools and the Internet will play little role in overthrowing repressive governments in Southern Africa. That’s the view of veteran newspaper editor Mathatha Tsedu, who was speaking to a gathering of African journalists in