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Snap still isn’t meeting much-lowered projections for growth. Now the company is taking drastic measures to shape its future. While ad prices fell as part of a transition in the company’s sales system, the larger

For a guy who just lost about a quarter of his net worth, Snap co-founder Evan Spiegel exuded confidence on his first earnings conference call, explaining away the company’s shortcomings and even throwing shade at his bigger

Twitter’s road to a turnaround looks like it isn’t quite as rough as expected. The company reported a decline in quarterly revenue for the first time since it went public in 2013, but sales, at $548m, were higher

Facebook is making a dramatic change to the social network’s mobile application, letting people post pictures and videos that disappear after 24 hours. Dramatic, but unsurprising – it’s the fourth time the

Snap, maker of the disappearing photo app that relies upon the fickle favour of millennials, jumped in its trading debut after pricing its initial public offering above the marketed range. Shares opened at US$24 and

Let’s say this upfront: buying shares in Snapchat’s initial public offering next week is an act of lunacy. It’s nuts to buy stock of a company with just a two-year track record of generating revenue, a loss of $1,27 for each

Now there’s another Facebook app making features that mimic Snapchat. WhatsApp, the chat application owned by Facebook and used monthly by 1,2bn people, is adding a built-in camera to let people take photos or videos, and send them

Snapchat’s parent company Snap has filed for its initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange. Hoping to raise US$3bn, the IPO would value Snap at between $20bn and $25bn, putting it at almost twice the expected valuation

More than 120 companies, from Apple to Zynga, filed an impassioned legal brief condemning US President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration, stepping up the industry’s growing opposition to the policy. The amicus brief was filed late

Snap makes no secret of the fact that compulsive millennial users are its most valuable asset. Their fickle tendencies may also be its biggest risk. At least, that how it looks in the prospectus for the company’s initial public