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Legislation governing intellectual property (IP) in South Africa has not kept pace with the digital era, a specialist law firm has warned. Spoor & Fisher partner Herman Blignaut says copyright legislation has

The department of trade and industry’s (DTI’s) draft policy on intellectual property (IP), released in September last year, did not include input from experts in IP law. This, according to legal experts, has led to uncertainty in meaning, intention and compliance with the agreement on the international

The boom in smart devices has created an amazing platform for entrepreneurs to develop mobile applications.

By developing a popular mobile app, entrepreneurs are able to generate earnings in a variety of ways. One of the more popular ways is through in-app purchases. For example, the app can be made available free-of-charge but with only limited features. In order to gain access to additional features, the user can make

Andrew Rens has commented on the recent interview TechCentral conducted with me in which I expressed critical comment on the state of SA’s copyright laws and, more particularly, as they affect the music industry. Rens and I approach copyright from two diametrically opposed departure points, so it’s not surprising that we have differing views on what constitutes appropriate protection under copyright.