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Naspers numbers in a nutshell

Naspers has reported a 65% improvement in revenue from its Internet business on the back of robust performances from Tencent, and its e-commerce businesses. The more mature pay-television business, housed in MultiChoice, also delivered impressive numbers, with revenue rising by 20%. Trading profit, however

Gareth Cliff’s plan to reinvent SA radio

As I step into a rather ordinary looking building in the drab Johannesburg suburb of Rivonia, I get the sense there is a buzz in the air, even though there’s no one about as I walk past an unmanned reception desk. Stuck on the desk is a handwritten note instructing interns to head upstairs. That’s where Gareth Cliff, until recently the host

Why Naspers is not a good investment

Naspers was the darling of the JSE in 2013, contributing a full 4,2% of the total market performance of 18% last year. But we believe that, although it may be a great business, Naspers does not represent a good investment. Investors seem to be pricing the share for perfection, and then some. Eager to gain access to the Chinese market, via

Naspers spikes 9% on Tencent results

Shares in South African-headquartered media, communications and e-commerce giant Naspers leapt higher on Wednesday on the back of strong results from China’s Tencent, in which it holds an approximate one-third stake. Naspers was trading up by more than 8,5%

Alistair Fairweather
China’s Alibaba slinks onto US shores

As Internet access spread across the globe, a handful of giant American corporations ended up dominating industries. Google in search, Amazon in online shopping and Facebook in social networking. The one market that has proved consistently immune to these titans is China. Now, one of China’s homegrown Internet giants

Naspers plunges on Tencent sell-off

Shares in JSE-listed technology and media group Naspers took a battering on Friday as investors turned sour on Tencent, the fast-growing Chinese communications and e-commerce company that owns chat programs WeChat and QQ. Reuters reported that Naspers’s shares were off by their biggest one-day

Duncan McLeod
WTF, Zuck?

Nineteen billion dollars. Two hundred and ten billion rand. Nearly R500/user. That’s how much Facebook has agreed to pony up for WhatsApp, the fast-growing but still very much loss-making cross-platform mobile instant messaging platform. It’s a daring – perhaps insane – bet by Facebook’s

Koos Bekker steps down as Naspers CEO

It’s the end of an era. Naspers has announced that its long-serving CEO, Koos Bekker, 61, is stepping down as CEO. Bekker, who will stand down from the Naspers board for a year, will be succeeded by the media and technology group’s head of e-commerce

What WhatsApp deal means for WeChat

Facebook is stumping up US$19bn in cash and shares to buy popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp, which has 450m active monthly users and which is adding a million new users a month. The deal could have been driven, at least in part, by a “potentially massive threat from the

Naspers rides Tencent to record highs

Naspers’s share price has added nearly a third in the past three months and has more than doubled in the past year as investor excitement in its Chinese affiliate, fast-growing communications and e-commerce firm Tencent, reaches fever pitch

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