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Mobile malware capable of locking down smartphones has made its way to smart TVs, a security company has revealed. FLocker (detected as Androidos_flocker.a and short for “Frantic Locker”) was first identified on mobile phones in 2015

During a particularly harsh winter, a group of hacktivists spreads panic by bringing down the US power grid. Millions of homes and businesses are plunged into darkness, communications are cut, banks go offline, hospitals close and air traffic is grounded

South Africans are unwittingly downloading thousands of malicious programs designed to steal financial information, a security company has warned. Trend Micro has reported that the malware

Cybercriminals are launching a digital offensive in South Africa, with attacks largely using phishing tactics, says a technology company. Around 6 185 local PCs were infected with banking malware in 2015

In April, Trend Micro released a research paper about sextortion, the means through which cybercriminals obtain compromising personal images or videos of Internet users, which they then hold hostage until their