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Repair ship sets sail to fix Wacs, Sat-3 cable breaks

A cable repair ship set sail from Cape Town on Wednesday night and is expected to reach offshore Angola in the coming days when it will begin the first stage of work to repair undersea cables slowing Internet connections in South Africa.

Seacom may build new subsea cable

Seacom is mulling the idea of building a new, high-capacity subsea telecommunications cable, either along the east coast of Africa, where it already operates a system, or along the west coast. CEO Byron Clatterbuck emphasised

Africa-Brazil cable Sacs nearing completion

As news emerged this week on a new submarine cable system that will connect South Africa and Brazil, another major project – the South Atlantic Cable System (Sacs) – is nearing completion. The Sacs cable, a project

New Africa subsea cable making progress

Construction of a new subsea cable, the first to connect Africa with South America, is making progress, with Angola Cables, the company behind the project, announcing on Monday that ground has been broken in the development of a

Seacom outage affecting some users

Seacom said at the weekend that an outage is affecting services to some clients. The problem, on segment 15 of the Seacom submarine cable system, is located slightly west of Djibouti in the Red Sea and occurred on 8 April at about 9pm South

New subsea cable to connect Africa

A new subsea broadband cable project, led by Angola, is set to provide a flood of international Internet bandwidth to countries on the west coast of Africa, including South Africa, when it goes live in mid-2018. The South Atlantic

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