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Hawks raid MTN offices in Turkcell dispute

The Hawks have raided the offices of MTN Group and those of its external legal counsel, Webber Wentzel, apparently over the ongoing legal dispute with rival Turkcell, which lost out to the JSE-listed telecommunications

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Are SA’s new drone regulations overkill?

In the past few years, unmanned flying machines, variously described as remotely piloted air systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned aerial systems, or more commonly known as “drones”, have been mainly used in targeted

E-mail contracts legally binding

E-mails about a contract could be considered binding, law firm Webber Wentzel said on Thursday. The firm referred to a supreme court of appeal ruling last month that found e-mail negotiations and typed e-mail signatures binding. “Given the pervasive use of e-mail in the workplace and in commercial interactions

Watching Netflix, Hulu in SA: is it legal?

Subscribing to international music and video streaming subscription services such as Hulu and Netflix outside the regions for which they’re intended may breach the terms of service between content distributors and the owners of that content. But as long as South African users pay their monthly fees, their

The PoPI nightmare awaiting SA business

Companies that handle people’s personal information, whether of clients or suppliers or simply their own staff, will have to meet stringent requirements when the Protection of Personal Information (PoPI) Bill is enacted and could face fines of up to R10m if they fail to do so

No respite for wounded Telkom

Telkom’s R449m fine handed down this week for anticompetitive practices could be only the start of its problems. Senior competition lawyers are expecting a string of damages claims from its competitors. The Competition Tribunal found Telkom guilty of anticompetitive practices, which opens

D-day for Telkom in competition case

After more than eight years of investigation, Telkom’s day of reckoning has arrived. The Competition Tribunal will on Tuesday rule on allegations of anticompetitive behaviour by the incumbent fixed-line operator. If found guilty, the tribunal could impose a fine on the company of more than R1bn

Telkom battle may be far from over

The Competition Tribunal heard closing arguments this week in the Competition Commission’s case against Telkom. The tribunal now has to decide whether the company is to be fined and, if so, what sort of penalty is fitting. If the tribunal imposes a hefty sentence, Telkom has a number of legal options