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A piece on US technology website ZDNet earlier this month, written by columnist Steven Vaughan-Nichols, suggested that Windows 8 represents Microsoft’s “New Coke moment”. Others quickly jumped on the idea. The Financial Times led with a story on the subject, saying the fact that Microsoft

When Samsung sent us its Series 7 Slate tablet PC to review a couple of weeks ago, we couldn’t resist the temptation to ditch Windows 7 from its 128GB solid-state drive and install the consumer preview of Windows 8. After all, Windows 8 is designed from the ground up as a tablet-friendly operating system

Microsoft has finally shed some light on the different versions of Windows 8 we’ll see upon release and, thankfully, things are much simpler than past versions. This time around, there are only three flavours Microsoft is pushing heavily: Windows 8, the version geared towards most consumers; Windows 8 Pro, for enterprise and

While the rest of the world was waiting with bated breath for the release of the new iPad, my company was focusing its efforts a very different direction: building a version of our app for Windows 8’s Consumer Preview. We were cautious about this, as we’d built for the Windows 7 Phone, and initial adoption was undoubtedly disappointing. However, it looks

Mozilla has decided to begin work on a touch-enabled version of its popular Firefox Web browser for Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 operating system, the company revealed yesterday. Windows 8 allows companies to develop applications for its touch-based Metro interface as well as

Microsoft has removed the “Start” menu button from its upcoming Windows 8 operating system, according to a consumer preview released earlier this week. The Start button. which made its debut in the Windows 95 version of the operating system, sits on the far left side

As technology companies continue driving towards the “next big thing”, they have a strange tendency to lose their way. For Apple, that moment was just prior to Steve Jobs’s return to the helm, when it was producing more products than it could conceivably keep a handle

Microsoft on Tuesday took the wraps off Windows 8, its forthcoming operating system for PCs and tablets, with the president of its Windows and Windows Live division describing it as a “reimagination of Windows”. The new operating system, which is expected to make its debut

Microsoft has taken the wraps off its forthcoming operating system, codenamed Windows 8, which it hopes will give it the platform it needs to fend off rivals Apple and Google, especially in the emerging field of tablet computing