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The future of print in the digital workplace

With technology advancing at an unprecedented pace, the print industry is poised for profound change as we head towards 2025.

The findings of a new study reveal that although the industry is optimistic about the future, it recognises that significant changes are needed across business structure, culture and innovation.

And while many organisations expect print to remain key to many business activities, digitisation is also set to accelerate.

The good news is that most end-user organisations expect print to retain an important role in supporting their businesses through to 2025. Print simply is not going to disappear any time soon.

Quocirca’s Global Print 2025 research report provides unique and invaluable insight for senior executives and industry leaders who seek to gain a clear perspective on the future of print in the changing digital workplace. Based on comprehensive research undertaken among print industry executives and end users, the Global Print 2025 study examines how digital transformation will affect the industry over the next seven years.

The ‘less-paper’ office is more likely than the paperless office. Today, 78% say printing is important to their daily business, dropping to 64% that expect it will still be important in 2025, the study found.

It found that security and cloud are seen as the key areas for investment between now and 2025. Security leads with 84% of organisations rating this as a top priority, followed by cloud computing (66%) and mobility (53%).

Also, digitisation initiatives are set to accelerate. Organisations expect document capture and workflow, collaboration tools and mobile working to reduce printing by 2025.

Managed print services highlights

“The foundation of any successful MPS engagement is a comprehensive assessment of the print infrastructure, which can help organisations better understand usage and opportunities for optimisation,” the research report said.

“Managed print services (MPS) is an enabler for digital transformation. MPS is a proven approach for supporting digitisation efforts through the optimisation of paper and digital workflows. Leading vendors in this space have expertise in helping organisations to leverage multifunction printer investments and implement document workflow integration tools,” it said.

“Analytics is a key component of the effective strategic business reviews that MPS providers conduct to help their customers continue to drive cost and efficiency improvements.”

It added that Xerox “takes a holistic approach to analytics for its MPS engagements. This encompasses the following services: device analytics, user analytics, document analytics, process analytics and service analytics”.

“Each analytics service offers a different type of analysis – diagnostic, prescriptive, descriptive and predictive – building on previous levels to offer progressively more sophisticated insights.”

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