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Vodacom promotion offers double airtime


Vodacom has launched a new product designed to attract new customers and reward existing customers’ loyalty.

Aimed at the prepaid market and clearly meant to drive up usage, Vodacom’s Use & Get provides additional airtime the following day, equivalent to the airtime used today.

So, if a customer uses R30 airtime today, they will be rewarded with R30 airtime tomorrow, valid until midnight of that day.

The airtime can be used to access the Internet, send SMSes or make calls, Vodacom said.

There is no set limit on how much bonus airtime a customer can receive.

However, as always, the details are in fine print. Importantly, it’s a promotion that runs only until the end of June. And it cannot be used to purchase any bundled product. Only non-bundled purchases of voice, SMS or data are allowed.  — © 2015 NewsCentral Media


  1. Vodacom needs to wake up, I’vv been a client of vodacom since 1998 and I think vodacom should reward the contract customers also because it is there life line. I was at a point of transfering to Mtn but no I am still loyal to vodacom. So wake up VODACOM!

  2. This would have made sense if the airtime didn’t expire. Otherwise the R6 power-hour still good enough – will not change.

  3. Still stuck with the biggest (crook) in the Telecoms business ?
    Left VC in 2007 with my family, only making use of the smaller providers Virgin, Cell C and Telkom Mobile. Will avoid these members of the colluding duopoly as much as I can. Making use of these older providers is as moral as voting for a totally corrupt party.

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