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Microsoft support for Office 2010 has ended – upgrade now

As of 13 October 2020, Microsoft no longer supports its Office 2010 software suite and users are being advised to upgrade immediately. This move is in line with the anticipated lifecycle of Office 2010, which was fixed at 10 years.

So, what impact will this have on existing Office 2010 users?

Although Office 2010 users will still be able to use the older software, future security updates that were meant to provide essential protection from hackers will no longer be provided by Microsoft.

The upshot of this means that users’ data will become considerably vulnerable to all types of IT threats. It also means that no further bug fixes or technical support for Office 2010 will be forthcoming from Microsoft.

What options are available to Office 2010 users?

Current users have the option of taking the risk and continuing as usual, or they can upgrade to the Microsoft 365 subscription service, which was unveiled in March 2020. Initially, this may elicit some negativity from Office 2010 users for the additional investment required. However, there are worthwhile benefits in taking out a subscription.

Microsoft 365’s world-class security

Microsoft 365 is a productivity cloud that combines advanced security features with powerful cloud services and some of the best-known apps and feature updates. Instead of purchasing the package once-off, as in the past, users buy a time-based subscription that allows them access to applications such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and much more.

Since the software is cloud based, it also allows Microsoft to continually provide security updates and other necessary fixes. Office 365 also comes with the highly popular Microsoft Teams app, which allows users to communicate and collaborate far more effectively and productively, whether onsite or remotely.

Flexible Microsoft 365 packages

Microsoft customers have a wide choice of packages to choose from, depending on their individual needs. A reputable and efficient IT support company will guide a potential user through these package options to identify a suitable one, whether for use by a student, at home, in businesses or for a large enterprise.

Affordability of Microsoft 365

The flexible payment options are also appealing as they allow individuals or businesses to pay for their chosen plan on a monthly or yearly basis. They also cater for families, with one convenient subscription for up to six people.

Technical support for Microsoft 365

Microsoft has a global network of high-quality partners who are experts at setting up, deploying and onboarding Microsoft 365 users. Unless you are an IT guru, it is highly recommended that you engage the services of an experienced and reliable IT partner to assist with the initial setup.

Microsoft has undoubtedly tried to remove all barriers to entry with its latest software. Its four businesses packages, ranging from Microsoft 365 Business Basic for small companies that require easy remote solutions with cloud storage, to its top-of-the-range Microsoft 365 Business Premium package, are worthy examples of this.

Microsoft 365 has been designed to help individuals and businesses alike achieve more affordably in a highly secure online environment.

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