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Whites to go at Telkom: union


Telkom will use race when determining who it lets go of in its latest round of restructuring, trade union Solidarity alleged on Monday.

“This follows after Telkom today [Monday] indicated in a section 189 notice to trade unions that employment equity will be one of the selection criteria during the restructuring process,” Solidarity said in a statement.

“If Telkom proceeds with this, it will mean that white employees will bear the brunt of the telecommunications giant’s retrenchment process,” it added.

Solidarity’s Marius Croucamp said the union on Monday warned Telkom in a letter to withdraw the section 189 notice.

“We believe that the application of affirmative action targets as selection criteria during retrenchment processes is contrary to the Employment Equity Act. Based on this, we requested Telkom to withdraw the notice,” Croupcamp said in the statement.

“It is not the first time Telkom wants to use employment equity as selection criteria during a restructuring process. Last year, Solidarity launched a massive campaign in this regard, after which Telkom eventually agreed not to use employment equity as criteria.”

He said Solidarity will consider further legal action against Telkom if the company does not take heed of its objections.

Telkom, he said, intends to retrench 4 400 employees through voluntary severance and early retirement packages and intends transferring an additional 3 200 employees to other companies.

“We believe the section 189 notice is premature and that Telkom should first provide for dispute resolution before the process can continue. In addition, the use of race as a selection criteria is not in the best interests of the company and it also contravenes the principles of Telkom’s restructuring forum,” Croucamp said.

He said it is “worrying” that Telkom wanted to enforce such a comprehensive process that would irrevocably change the lives of thousands of people without sufficient consultation.

“Our members do not have enough information to be able to take the necessary decisions. This process simply has to be halted until proper consultations with trade unions have taken place and all the information have been made available.”

TechCentral reported on Friday that Telkom had failed to reach agreement with the three labour unions it recognises over its latest restructuring plans.

The three unions – Solidarity, the South African Communications Union and the Communication Workers Union – last week declared a formal dispute with Telkom.

In a statement, Telkom said it had several engagements with organised labour following a meeting in the company’s restructuring forum of 9 June, where management shared plans for a “deep functional separation” of Telkom’s main operating businesses.

Telkom’s wholesale business unit, which includes its field-service workforce, is set to be most heavily affected by the latest round of restructuring.

Telkom said it intends making use of a R100m enterprise and supplier development fund to establish businesses with outgoing Telkom staff, who would then be “well placed to contract their services back to both Telkom, as well as other companies”.  — © 2015 NewsCentral Media


  1. Well Solidarity your members are sadly gonna be doubly shafted as those ex-staffers hoping for a few crumbs off the Telkom ‘Supplier development fund’ table will wait until the ANC’s racist PREFERRED SUPPLIER criteria is met looong before Frikkie or Oom Piet get a shot at ‘supplying’ anything of note!
    Once more…..Viva nation building! ( Preferred suppliers only I’m afraid)

  2. CharlieTango on

    Maybe the retrenched whites can go into the licence plate cloning business – the Telkom CEO can give them some tips.

  3. Always sad when people do not have choices and descisions in their lives and future

  4. If its racial I will withdraw my contracts with this racists company! We are reverting back to old South African policies! This mind set in this racially divided country has to go!

  5. South Africa is definately racially divided. I read these comments every day. I see a lot of hate speech towards the Government.
    It starts with us to transform this country. How can we live and work in unity. Telkom senior management also read these blogs which affect their descisions.
    How can I contineously hurl insults at an individual and expect goodwill in return.
    Let us work together in our democracy.

  6. Tomorrowbetter on

    Many “racist” comments come from people outside of AFRICA-Just ignore them – they are called trolls
    However – the ANC has messed up completely –

  7. Naughty Mashas on

    Agree, may be because majority of white in Telkom people have reached their retirement age. Very few white new recruits.

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